1. [singular] y’all
  2. [plural] all y’all

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You are a pain in my ass but I love you so much 😭😭😭💕 #nickorrthecat
Friend: go ask
Me: no you go ask
Friend: no you
Me: fine can i have ketchup

treating a woman with respect and regarding her as a human being doesn’t automatically mean ur cock deserves to get stroked sorry to break it to u

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Seaway - Shy Guys [x]

"Look….I just haven’t quite been myself lately. I haven’t been myself lately, but I love you. Nothing about that has changed, and nothing ever will." -Breaking Bad (2008-2013)
i just need to get my shit together
- me in 2009/2012/this time last year/a minute ago/next year probably (via guy)

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it is actually really sweet when someone stays up late to talk to you

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Being with you never felt wrong. It’s the one thing I did right. You’re the one thing I did right.
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